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Our Facility

The vision was to build a facility for performance enhancement and physical improvement

Iron Performance

The Iron Performance Center was established January 2018. The vision was to build a facility tailored for performance enhancement and physical improvement. A facility where young athletes and fitness enthusiasts could go to become one percent better everyday. A facility that brought top strength and conditioning coaching together with the highest quality equipment to nurture athletic success and fitness. A facility that Niagara could be proud of.

The Iron Performance Center isn’t your typical gym. All our members and athletes are coached to tailored programs. We believe that progress is systematic and requires specific programming to reach it. Strength training and conditioning is an art of applied science so we make it our top priority to ensure your program and coaching methodology matches your aspirations. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, put on some lean muscle or become a better athlete, our systematic training approach is custom built to help you reach your goals. If you want to see results and become a better version of you, then welcome to the Iron Performance Center.

The Iron Performance Center isn’t your typical gym

  • 1400sqft of Gym Space

  • 2 Fully Outfitted Private Shower/Washroom Areas

  • Lobby Lounge with Upstairs Offices

  • 2 Fully Equipped Power Racks

  • Extensive Turf Area

  • Dumbbell & Kettlebell Area

  • 22′ Climbing Rope

  • Prowler Sled & Tires

  • Assault Bike

  • Portable Sound System

Success Stories

Become Our Next Success Story

Cam has been with us since summer 2016. Cam is both a soccer and hockey athlete. Cam wanted to focus on building size and foot speed.

After many weeks of focused bodybuilding and agility, Cam not only feels better on the field and ice but has surpassed all 1RM’s set on his first day. Cam has a new focus with the sport of rowing and is preparing for the water in spring. We look forward to seeing Cam crush the competition in 2017.

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