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FST Studio

FST Pricing

*60-90 Minute Sessions*

Fascial Stretch Therapy Can Improve:

  • Low Back Pain

  • General Tightness/Stiffness

  • Stress

  • Chronic Pain

  • Athletic Performance

  • Sleep Quality

  • Inflammation/Tendonitis

  • Posture

What Is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

FST is a manual therapy focusing on the use of traction and assisted stretch to target your body’s fascial nets. Fascial nets are connective tissues that surround all organs, muscles, and bones within the body. The use of traction throughout the body allows you to develop an increased range of motion and stability around each joint and body segment. With fascial restrictions (poor body mechanics) you develop an increased risk of muscle tears, sprains, scar tissue formation and increased muscle tone due to compensations within the body and a decreased range of motion.

All treatments focus on the individual’s needs and don’t follow a strict pattern of treatment. The full body is considered as the treatment addresses physical, mental and emotional components of health. All sessions are performed pain-free and work to increase blood flow, reduce scar tissue, improve recovery and decrease muscle soreness. No massaging is performed in FST but the results after 60 minutes are equivalent to a deep tissue massage without the pain, pressure and deep bruising. After each session patients feel lighter, more mobile, less stressed/tense and report a deeper sleep that night. Sessions are for all ages and are compatible with all training and therapeutic techniques. As little as three treatments can be required before corrections are achieved.

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