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Performance Training 

(90 Minute Sessions)


Are you serious about performance? If so, pay attention. Our Performance Training is meant for those looking to improve competitive sports performance or crank up the intensity on achieving their physical benchmarks. We’ll take you through comprehensive warm-ups, mobility work, weight workouts and conditioning drills to make you a more complete and well-rounded athlete. We analyze your abilities to better plan and coach you to competition status, Iron Style. Performance Training is available as a Private, Semi-Private or Group service (up to 4 people).

All packages include:

  • Your initial consultation

  • Your initial movement screen

  • Custom Program

  • 90 Minute Session(s)

Success Stories

Become Our Next Success Story

Johann (pictured right) was a part of the Niagara College Men’s Basketball Team before deciding to pursue football. When undergoing summer training back in 2016, Johann needed different preparation in order to fulfill his goal. Johann asked us to prepare him physically to become a standout wide receiver for the Hamilton Hurricanes.

After many sessions focusing on footwork, speed, agility and energy system development Johann was ready to make his debut in the Canadian Junior Football League. Not only did Johann make the team but he helped lead the Canes to an Ontario Football Conference Title. We are very proud of Johann and wish him the best on his future endeavors.

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