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Our award winning one-on-one private training service is the best way to achieve results and hit your benchmarks, especially for novice individuals. Our coaches utilize various systematic training approaches to enhance fundamental movement in a private environment. We take your goals, customize your plan based on your current abilities and then get to work coaching you to success. Our one-on-one training service is the most optimal way to achieve results while building fundamental training experience and independence. Come experience why Iron Performance is voted as the BEST personal training service in St. Catharines!

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Jessie is a member of the Brock Badger Wrestling Club and an elite competitor on not uncommon to the world stage. Jessie came to us after making the 2017 Women’s National Wrestling Team looking to physically prepare her for her tour of world domination.

Through countless hours of specific preparation, mobility work, preventative rehabilitation, strength training, power training and conditioning, Jessie started her journey to victory.

She recently won the 2017 Pan American Championships in Brazil and just finished her European tour returning with a gold medal from the 2017 German Grand Prix. We are very proud of Jessie on her successes and look forward to her future accomplishments.

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