Become Our Next Success Story!

Fullback - BC Lions

Mario joined us in March 2019 looking to solidify his performance for the CFL Combine and get drafted to play professional football. Working with Coach Myles, Mario spent countless hours improving his agility, strength and explosiveness to become one of the top fullback prospects in the CFL. In May 2019, he got the call and was drafted in the 6th Round by the BC Lions Football Team. We are extremely proud of Mario's hard work and wish him nothing but success as he heads out west to pursue his professional football career.

Harvard Lightweight Rower

We have had the pleasure of working with Johan since 2017. An elite lightweight rower, Johan came to us looking to step up his workouts in order to reduce his 2km time and increase his power output. Johan was aspiring to get into Harvard to row for one of the best lightweight crews in the country. After years of hard work, we are pleased to say Johan has officially been accepted to Harvard University. We could not be more proud of Johan on his accomplishments.

National Volleyball Player

Jenna has been with us looking to gain strength, build her vertical and improve speed for her volleyball career. Over the past months, Jenna has improved her jump height and built a strong base strength level. This past season, Jenna helped lead her team to multiple tournament victories and was recently selected to the Youth National Team! We look forward to following Jennas career in the coming years.

University Basketball Player

We have had the privilege of working with Cam for his final high school basketball season. Over the course of the season, Cam was dedicated to getting stronger, improving his vertical and dominating opponents with his speed. Cam helped lead his team to a 2nd Place finish at the OSBA Championships. Internationally, Cam was selected to play for the Hoopsfix All Star Classic in the United Kingdom where he helped lead his team to victory.He recently got accepted to Queens University where he will be a valuable asset to their squad. We are extremely proud of Cam and look forward to seeing how his career unfolds.


Scott has been working with us since March 2018. Scott wanted to lose weight and get back to a healthier lifestyle so he could stay active in the gym and at home. Since starting with us, Scott has lost an incredible 45lbs! He has decreased his waist size and gained some incredible strength. He's able to push a sled for days and deadlift until the cows come home. We always love working with Scott and look forward to his continued fat loss success!


Seth, Reed and Heath have been working with us since August 2017. These three young athletes are aspiring freestyle wrestlers and lacrosse players with a passion for competition. Since summer 2017, we have been working to improve their base fitness and strength levels while improving athletic movement mechanics. Since training at Iron Performance Center, these boys have owned the podium both in Canada and across the border. Between the three of them, they always come back with some hardware. We look forward to watching them grow into astounding young athletes as we progress forward into the future.


Michelle came to us back in summer 2016. Starting fresh, she was looking to kick things off on the right foot. Her history of injuries made it difficult to move at times and left her wanting improvement. After many months of good ole' fashion grit training and mobility work, Michelle finds herself able to move without pain and lift to make gains. Using her creative assessment method of "bra sizing" (patent pending), Michelle has lost fat mass and improved mobility. To this day she continues to make improvements and recently found herself able to dead-lift a 115 pound trap bar! Always a pleasure Michelle. Keep up the great work!


Jordon plays for the Niagara College Basketball Team and is one of their hardest working players. During the off season, Jordon attended every workout in order to become a stronger more powerful force on the court. Jordan not only surpassed his baseline tests but he also felt like a better athlete during off season games. Now into the 2016-2017 season, Jordon has become one of the team leaders and workhorses of the Niagara Knights. We look forward to working with Jordon in the future as well as the rest of the Niagara College Men's Basketball Team.


Krystin is one of our most hardworking and loyal clients. She came to us back in the fall of 2016 looking to lose fat mass and put on some muscle. Since then, Krystin no longer abides by the scale and instead uses the mirror and barbell to judge her success. Her constant work ethic has led to strength gains beyond belief and fat loss. Krystin went from lifting a bar to lifting well over 100 pounds! She now has her eyes set on running obstacle course races come summer 2017. We look forward to continually working with Krystin.


We started working with Donna back in April 2016 when Iron Athletics was founded. One of our first athletes, Donna was looking to prepare for a boxing match to be held in the fall season. After many months of movement drills, strength training and power development Donna was in performance shape for her bout. She was a lean mean fighting machine with passion and determination. Donna fought very well against a tremendous opponent which resulted in a draw. Donna represented Iron Athletics with grace and we are very proud.


Michelle approached us early 2016 to help prepare her for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. She is a Canadian Freestyle Wrestler competing out of the Niagara Region. Michelle wanted to continue refining her physicality while remaining injury free in preparation for August. After many sessions together, Michelle was ready to taper for her event. She represented Canada with passion and we couldn't be more proud. Way to go Michelle!


Cam has been with us since summer 2016. Cam is both a soccer and hockey athlete. Cam wanted to focus on building size and foot speed. After many weeks of focused bodybuilding and agility, Cam not only feels better on the field and ice but has surpassed all 1RM's set on his first day. Cam has a new focus with the sport of rowing and is preparing for the water in spring. We look forward to seeing Cam crush the competition in 2017.


Crystal came to us early 2016 looking to prepare herself physically for an upcoming boxing match in November. She was selected to fight in the Pearl Gloves Boxing Event and had a real tough opponent. Through many weeks of intense training, Crystal became stronger and more agile with each workout. She was the main event of the evening and went toe-to-toe with one of the most skilled fighters in the event. Although a split decision didn't go her way, she walked away with the fight of the night and a huge fan base. We were very proud to have worked with Crystal and sponsor her for the event.


Hanu came to us in the summer of 2016. A young athlete aspiring to become an elite level tennis player in his home country of India. Through our online training program, Hanu has improved both upper and lower body strength while increasing his explosive abilities. He recently won the under-14 age group category and has been selected to compete in the 62nd National School Games in the state of Gujarat. Hanu is an awesome young athlete and we couldn't be more excited to see what successes come his way in the future.


Jessie is a member of the Brock Badger Wrestling Club and an elite competitor on not uncommon to the world stage. Jessie came to us after making the 2017 Women's National Wrestling Team looking to physically prepare her for her tour of world domination. Through countless hours of specific preparation, mobility work, preventative rehabilitation, strength training, power training and conditioning, Jessie started her journey to victory. She recently won the 2017 Pan American Championships in Brazil and just finished her European tour returning with a gold medal from the 2017 German Grand Prix. We are very proud of Jessie on her successes and look forward to her future accomplishments.


Johann (pictured right) was a part of the Niagara College Men's Basketball Team before deciding to pursue football. When undergoing summer training back in 2016, Johann needed different preparation in order to fulfill his goal. Johann asked us to prepare him physically to become a standout wide receiver for the Hamilton Hurricanes. After many sessions focusing on footwork, speed, agility and energy system development Johann was ready to make his debut in the Canadian Junior Football League. Not only did Johann make the team but he helped lead the Canes to an Ontario Football Conference Title. We are very proud of Johann and wish him the best on his future endeavors.