Here’s what our members say about us!

BC Lions Fullback

"I honestly can’t say enough about Coach Myles and everyone at IPC. Day in and day out they provide a level of expertise that is unmatched in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning. Personally coach Myles has been able to shape programs in a manner that have attacked my weakness and gotten me ready to perform at a professional level. One of my favourite parts about IPC and coach Myles is that they give you the reasoning behind everything that you do within your programming. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning! For younger guys looking to play university football (or any sport for that matter) I would highly recommend you get to IPC ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!"

Elevator Mechanic

"I started it off with no experience or knowledge when it came to strength conditioning training. I have been training here for two months now and my knowledge and my physical performance has sky rocketed. Being safe, pushing myself harder then I ever thought imaginable and seeing great results. This facility and staff is the cleanest and most welcoming place I have ever been in and out of the fitness community. The staff make the extra effort of remembering your name and greeting you from day one. I personally train with Myles and his knowledge and passion for training is extremely contagious making me wake up every morning hoping today is a day I train at this facility. Highly recommend this place and it’s staff!"

Harvard Lightweight Rower

"I have spent a lot of time training with Matrixx and, as a result, have seen fantastic results and success in my sport of rowing. He not only allowed me to build a very solid strength base but also helped to keep me injury-free in a sport that is extremely demanding and relentless to one’s body. In part because of his high quality and meaningful training, I have been admitted to a top U.S. university to compete as a Division 1 rower. Thank you Iron Performance Center!"

Queens University Basketball

"Throughout my time with Matrixx and his staff, I can 100% say he is the best trainer in the Niagara Region. Since day 1, he always wanted the best for me, whether it was those 6am wake ups or 44 sled laps. He was always investing in me, and would continue to motivate me to be better"

Canadian Armed Forces

"In my personal experience, Iron Performance Center is a great gym to go to if you're looking for results. With adaptable training methods, it's a strong fit for anyone willing to put in effort and reach for a higher standard. This could be the average Joe looking to lose a few pounds or someone who is joining the army in 9 weeks (me). Overall it was a great experience and would gladly go back when I get the chance"

Accountant, Firm Partner

"I’ve been training with Matrixx at IPC consistently for 6 months and have seen the well rounded progress that I was looking for. Even though my training sessions are one on one, the IPC feels like a community atmosphere as I follow the progress of the other trainees and athletes through social media. It is encouraging to see others making progress and I believe it promotes a little bit of friendly competition within the group. At IPC they have recently implemented a client portal which is a great resource for online training videos, articles, etc. It just goes to show the passion the trainers have for what they do.

The programming that Matrixx puts together for me has a ton of variety including a comprehensive warm up, strength lifts, accessory and conditioning. Fitting all of this into a one hour session requires a lot of careful planning on the programming side and the results have been better than I expected. As a coach what I appreciate most about Matrixx is the intensity that he brings to each of MY workouts – it’s hard to not give my best when he is giving that much attention and effort to what I’m doing. His approach is a good blend of being encouraging but firm and he is patient in ensuring form and technique are on point. I’ve found I’ve worked out harder than ever before yet recover well and look forward to the next challenging session ahead.

Overall I’ve seen my conditioning improve, my strength increase while getting leaner and dropping stubborn body fat. I’m in the best shape of my life and believe that being a part of IPC has been instrumental in getting here.

Congrats to the team at IPC for putting together a truly top notch training facility, loaded with high quality equipment and trainers!"

Correctional Officer

"Matrixx is a fantastic conditioning expert. He truly is a professional with his knowledge and ability to transfer the skills from the weight room to real life. The facility is super clean and the equipment is high quality."

Strongman Competitor

"Matrixx and his team have put together an absolutely amazing training facility that is one of the best not just in the area but in the province. The custom program helped me in my performance for several strongman competitions as well as the FitCO fitness test. Be sure to check out this gym!"

Bus Driver for City of St. Catharines

"I signed up with Matrixx to increase my fitness level and get back on track with my health and I knew I needed some structure and accountability to get me started.

I had the opportunity to observe Matrixx with other clients at the gym we were in. He was always positive and professional with everyone and that prompted me to give Iron Performance Center a try.

It couldn’t have worked out better! My workouts now come first, I LOVE going to the gym, my clothes fit better and I feel great! I might also mention that I am now strong and ABLE. Go girl power!

Matrixx works hard at making things fit with my abilities, restrictions and schedule. He adapts quickly to changes and is always motivating! It’s clear that he’s there to help me achieve my goals and that’s what a good coach is all about!

Whether you’re new to training or an experienced athlete Iron Performance will help you succeed!"

Thorold Firefighter

"I used Iron Performance to help prepare me for the CPAT physical testing to become hired as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Thorold. Matrixx was very knowledgeable about the test requirements. His coaching style combined with his comprehensive training programs allowed me to ace my CPAT and become hired with the Fire Hall. His help was tremendous and greatly appreciated"

Director of Technology

I had reservations of my time due to work, early meetings to unexpected issues that take up a lot of my time. By being flexible with the schedule, Matrixx has helped me work past my reservations

Sir Winston Churchill Rowing Team
Senior Boy's Division

Matrixx was really helpful, and motivating. He made the experience much more enjoyable by constantly pushing us to work our hardest.

Niagara Rapids Outside Hitter

Iron Performance has been an eye-opening experience for me and has made me realize that in order for me to achieve my goals I need to be the best I can be both mentally and physically. Matrixx is a great motivator and I have been very happy with his commitment to me and my goals.

Air Force Candidate

"After a devastating spinal injury, I wanted to return to being able to squat and deadlift. You've helped me battle past psychological roadblocks and instilled confidence so that I am able to do so."

Head of Food Safety, Nestle North America

"Working with many trainers, I'm always skeptical when selecting a new one (as some are better than others). Matrixx is definitely one of the best ones. He is a great motivator and has helped my stress management. He always communicates areas of focus and the importance in relation to my training. He explains the 'why' of training. Since working with him, I've become more consistent with my nutrition and my stress management."

Wide Receiver for the Hamilton Hurricanes

"I had the privilege to be trained by Matrixx and Iron Performance during my time with the Niagara College Men's Basketball Team. As a coach, he was very motivating and pushed me beyond my limits. He demanded the best from me every time I stepped into the gym. His programs really helped me improve my strength and endurance for games and my future days with the Hamilton Hurricanes."

Boxing Enthusiast

"Performance does matter thanks to Iron Performance!"

National Team Member for Wrestling Canada

"Preparing for the World Championships meant a tough road ahead. I had to be in the best shape of my life while being mentally tough and focused. Coach Matrixx and the Iron Performance staff ensured my training was optimized and focused for what I needed to do. I progressively got stronger while recovering faster. They truly helped prepare me for what will be one of the biggest tournaments of my life."