5 Reasons To Prioritize Your Fitness

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in obesity, heart related health issues, metabolic health issues, cancer and neurodegenerative disease. North Americans are (by population) in the WORST shape (physical and otherwise) than ever before.

On the flip side, there has never been a better time to be an athlete. Sport technology and deeper understandings of physiological characteristics have athletes of all age ranges becoming more physically prepared for whatever sport they choose to focus on. It’s quite the contrast knowing what we know about overall health and wellbeing these days.

Here are our top 5 reasons for making sure YOU prioritize your fitness:

1) Health

This is the only point that I care about that comes first. The four horsemen of death are heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, metabolic disease and cancer. While not always preventable, the science points out that proactive wellness and physical activity can highly reduce likelihood of disease, severity of disease and reduce overall mortality. This alone is why health is our number 1 pick. People who make time for their fitness are putting money in the bank; you’re investing in your long-term longevity to ensure independent living longer and a better quality of life. Do it for your future self.

2) Performance

Believe it or not, this doesn’t just apply to athletes. Here’s the reality: many of us haven’t jumped, sprint or changed direction since we retired from sport (either at an elite level or even recreationally). As we age, our explosive abilities diminish at a rapid rate. Why does this matter? Being able to produce AND resist force at a faster rate matters in our everyday life. Falls are a leading cause of death for older individuals and losing our independence can deter our quality of life. Staying “athletic” as long as possible will only help us in future.

For athletes, physical preparation means being ready to perform specific tasks at the highest level in order to achieve a certain goal. If we are ill prepared to express our skills at higher outputs, we risk being exposed by our opponents and falling short of the desired outcome. While being physically prepared doesn’t always mean you’ll be the best player, it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. A proper training program catered around your abilities and sport season ensure your best chance; if you want to learn more, schedule a call with us.

3) Self Confidence

Staying consistent with a training program fulfills many of us and earns us an unspoken self respect. Why? Because working towards your physical goals (whether it be simply trying to look good naked or just get a good sweat) is something you can’t buy. Achieving more strength, less fat, more muscle and a healthier heart takes a lot of work over a longer period of time. You can’t buy it, you have to EARN IT. By sticking to a routine, you keep your promises to yourself. You trust yourself to do the work, no matter how hard. You don’t negotiate with yourself. You do what you said you were going to do. THAT is confidence.

4) Community

We like to be around like-minded individuals and what better place to find them than at the gym! Sure, we all have different goals BUT we can all bond over the work we are doing TOGETHER to improve! Let’s face it, our efforts are higher when we are surrounded by great training partners. When it comes to improving fitness, our community of gym-goers, elite athletes and everyday badasses come CORRECT. Find yourself a fitness tribe. Whether that be a class, a small group environment or just a friend who wants to join you on your journey. Fitness is great for finding community, a crucial aspect of our social well-being.

5) Mental Health

Sort of building off our community point, fitness does wonders for our mental health. The release of endorphins helps with mood improvement and energy. Taking part in regular exercise helps drastically reduce stress. Studies have also shown a reduction of anxiety, depression and negative mood. Not only that, it’s great for increasing cognition; our productivity and accomplishment of everyday tasks improve! Combine that with a great training community and you have a recipe for a healthy mental state.

Find The Right Fit

We get it, this stuff can be intimidating. Maybe you don’t know where to start, that’s ok too. If you’re ready to finally take that step towards fitness, we got your back. Our community does too. Book a complimentary call with our coaches and we’ll help put the first steps in place!


Do You Need Machines To Get Fit?

Here’s a big question in the fitness world: Do you need machines to get fit? The short answer: No.  Here’s a very quick history lesson:


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